FREE Fragrance Sampler Pack - Fall & Winter 2021
FREE Fragrance Sampler Pack - Fall & Winter 2021

FREE Fragrance Sampler Pack - Fall & Winter 2021

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We get it! Buying candles and melts over the internet can be difficult. No matter how well we describe the fragrance, we understand that one whiff is worth a thousand words!

To help you buy with confidence, we're proud to present our Southampton Candle Co. Fragrance Sampler Pack! 

Our FREE Fragrance Sampler comes in a standard-sized envelope through USPS. Each fragrance is clearly labeled and includes a description and note profile. You'll receive one sample of wax cubes of each of the following Fall and Winter 2021 Fragrances:

  • Uplifting and Refreshing: Christmas Tree
  • Fresh-baked and Nostalgic: Grandma's Zucchini Bread™
  • Sophisticated and Soothing: Pumpkin Chai
  • Rich and Creamy: Spiced Eggnog
  • Merry Mulled Cider: Wassail
  • Cozy and Calming: Amber & Cedar
  • Warm and Sweet: Spiced Honey & Golden Tobacco™

We know that once you smell our fragrances, the hardest part will be picking which ones to bring home - so we'll make it even easier

We're including an exclusive 20% off Coupon Code so you can save more on your favorites!

We arrange and pack your sampler by hand and only charge to cover the shipping to your home! 💖